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Is Divorce Stressing You Out?

Commonly experienced emotions during/after divorce include loneliness, emptiness, stress, denial, anger, depression, grief, confusion, sadness, anxiety, and loss.

Divorce quickly escalates feelings of stress and anxiety because you will need to establish time with children, determine what will be done with businesses/real estate, debts, loans, inheritances, etc.

As divorce is taking its toll on your life, an experienced divorce lawyer, with your best interests in mind, can help make the best of the situation.

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What To Do Now?

Most likely, you will have by this point noticed what your next steps should be.

You have so many thoughts bouncing around in your head regarding how drastically everything is likely to change.

What will this do to the kids? How will my quality of life be different? Will I find a new spouse? Will my career be affected? Where will I live?

You need answers! And you need them quickly!

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We Are Here To Help You Along The Way

Mrs. Gena Toner, a certified professional at divorce lawyering in this area since 2001, has the knowledge and experience to guide you through your divorce.

She knows just what questions to ask to find your perspective of things so that your interests are best represented.

Your confidence will be much higher knowing Gena is on your side.

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Moving On After Divorce

You will soon be making more decisions on your own.

You will likely have questions about how to best transition moving forward.

Gena will be able to guide you to help transition easier into this next chapter of life.

Call 352-592-1500 to schedule your consultation.

Client Testimonials

I have used Gena in the past, she is fantastic. Gena explains everything so you know exactly what to expect. She never guaranteed any outcome but I was reassured that she would do her best to provide the best possible outcome. If you need an attorney for family law; I recommend giving her a call.

- Justine W.

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