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Is Your Divorce Negatively Affecting You?

The emotions you are going through may include heartbreak, loneliness, grief, confusion, loss, anxiety, and depression.

Divorce skyrockets stress and anxiety because you will need to figure out how to divide time with your kids, any existing businesses/real estate, debts, inheritances, etc.

As divorce starts taking a toll on you, a divorce lawyer with your best interest in mind is needed to walk you hand in hand through how to handle the process.

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What's Your Next Step?

You have by now realized what your next step is likely to be.

You have tons of questions running through your mind about how everything will affects the kids (if you have children), where are you going to live, how will your quality of life change, and many others.

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We're Here To Guide You Through The Steps

Gena Toner, Board Certified in this area since 2001, possesses the expertise to help you through the divorce process.

She knows what questions to ask to gather the information necessary to protect your best interests.

You will feel much more confident knowing you have someone in your corner every step of the way.

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Moving Forward In Life

Envision your life after making it through the proceedings.

You'll have more freedom to make the choices you feel are best for you and those around you moving forward.

To take the next step towards this new life of yours, call 352-592-1500 to schedule your consultation.

Client Testimonials

Gena has represented many of my friends, colleagues, and family members over the years. She is not the average cookie cutter attorney. Gena is attentive and supportive to her clients needs, provides clients with extensive knowledge of their legal options, and makes the difficult process of divorce/child custody a little easier. At the end of the day Gena works hard for her clients and genuinely cares. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an attorney who gets the job done.

- N. T.

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