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We often have potential clients who ask for a quick quote over the phone, but the answer is more in-depth than that. Here’s the reason: The issues to be handled in your divorce are the main factor in determining the price. For instance, a divorcing couple who generally agree on how they want to divide things can do an uncontested dissolution of marriage. I make sure my client’s legal interests are protected, ensure that my client understands the terms of the agreement, draw up the documents and settlement agreement, and file the case with the court. This is the least expensive alternative, but most cases are not that straightforward.

When the parties don’t agree on how to settle, the case is contested, and the fee depends on what issues there are to resolve. For a client with children, that includes parenting time, child support, and division of parental responsibility. It also influences the work to be done (thus the fee) if the client (or spouse) owns real estate, has a business, or has investments. A contested case can involve multiple court hearings, mediations, and the preparation of motions and other documents. The more complex the issues, the more work required.

So if you want to have an expert lawyer explain what you need to know, please contact us to set up a consultation appointment. What I hear again and again at the end of a consultation is, “I feel so much better, now that I understand what to expect and know what my rights are.”