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Not Married But Have Children Together?

You wonder what your rights are if you are a father who is not married to the mother of your child.  You want to have a dependable schedule of time to spend with your kid, and you want to be part of the decision-making process if your child has future medical or school issues.

On the other hand, single moms may be concerned about giving parenting time without a court order that states when the dad has to bring the children back or may want conditions put on the Father’s contact with the child.

A judge has to rule that the Dad is the legal father of the child before court orders can be entered about parenting time schedule, child support and shared parental responsibility.  Just having the father’s  name on the birth certificate is not sufficient.  When unmarried parents separate, a court case to determine a father’s rights to the child is called a Paternity case (even if both parties know the paternity of the child.)

If you are an unmarried father who wants to be involved in your child’s life, or an unmarried mother who wants to do what’s right for your child while protecting them, we understand what you are going through.

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Where Do You Start?

You need a lawyer who understands how important your children are to you, an attorney who has experience in paternity cases, who can help with a schedule for both parents to have time with the children on a day-to-day basis, as well as holidays and school breaks.

Your children are unique, and so is your case.

Gena Toner can guide you as to what is reasonable to expect in a paternity case, how to legally work toward your children’s best interests, and how the outcome of your case can benefit your children and yourself.

Your paternity case can eventually be settled in a written agreement drawn up by the lawyers, in a mediation, or will be decided in court by a judge.

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Gena Toner Can Help You Resolve Your Paternity Case

We’ve got you covered with the honest truth about the law, without a candy coating.  We bring over 35 years of legal experience to your case, and are prepared to represent your and your children’s interests in their relationship with their parents.

A parenting plan will be put in place so the children have stability, knowing what the schedule is with each parent.

You will have defined rights to decision making on your kid’s behalf.  Child support can be calculated, so you know you are paying or receiving what the law allows

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Your Paternity Order Is Granted

Whichever avenue is taken to finalize your paternity case, once a court order is issued, you will have a legal document that states what your rights are, as well as the rights of the other parent.

You will know what to expect for a time-sharing schedule, how holidays will be shared, and important decisions to be made for your child.

Then you can begin working together on the most important thing: co-parenting to bring up your child together.

To get questions answered in regards to your specific situation, call 352-592-1500 to schedule your consultation.

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Caring, thoughtful and very understanding of what everyone involved is going through. Also, a top notch attorney. The perfect combination.

- Joey Z.

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