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How Should Parenting Time Be Divided?

When you split up from your children’s other parent, you worry how it will affect them.  You want to lessen their hurt and confusion, and to spend as much quality time together as possible.

While you want them to have the structure during the week for homework, sports and activities, you also want to have the freedom to enjoy your children and have fun with them at other times.  You want your kids to be safe and in a wholesome environment.

Whether you are divorcing or were not married to each other, both parents generally have a right to parent their children, so how can you achieve what is legally best for your children?

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What's The Correct Approach?

Today, parents are looked at equally, with no preference by the law for placing the children primarily with the Mom or Dad.

However, that doesn’t always mean that a 50/50 split of parenting time is the answer.

The unique circumstances of each family need to be considered.  Do the work schedule of the parents make getting to school or activities difficult or impossible?  Will grandparents, day care or other third parties be used to help with the kids?

Maybe you have always been the one to take care of the children, and now you worry how the other parent will step up to the big responsibilities you’ve been handling on your own.

You want the specific needs of your family to be clear to the lawyers, mediator and judge, but where to begin?

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Gena Toner Has the Experience to Help You and Your Children

With over 35 years in the courtroom, and as a parent herself, Gena Toner understands your concerns.

You want to put your children’s interests first, you want to protect them from people, places and things that could be harmful or even dangerous.

Arguing over your children’s time puts them in the middle, which you can avoid by having a clearly defined schedule.

You need to get real answers from an expert about what the law is on parenting time and the many questions associated with it.  Only then can you move forward to fight for the right schedule for you and your kids.

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Happy Parents = Happy Kids

A court order will be put in place so that your children will have stability, knowing when they can expect to spend time with each parent.

You will know how to plan out your days when you have your children, or when they are with the other parent.

Arrangements can be made for family vacations, special events and holidays, based on when you and your children will be together.

With the struggle over, both parents can focus on putting the children’s needs at the top of the list.  You’ll be relieved, and your children will be happier.

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I've used Gena Toner several years ago and recently. She is very professional, compassionate and accommodating. She's definitely here to help those going through custody battles or divorce. Gena will be honest and get you through your case in a timely manner along with supporting you. If you want an understandable and experienced lawyer she is the ONE! Here fees are definitely reasonable!!!!!

- Constance V.

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