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Are You Struggling As a Parent?

Raising children is difficult enough. As we all know, it's expensive to provide for your child and give them what they need!

Do you need more financial help from the other parent?

If getting divorced, are you worried about how much money you will need to take care of your kids?

Are you in this situation?

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Are You Experiencing Financial Stress?

Regardless of the parents' relationship status, both parents have a legal and moral financial obligation to provide support for their child.

Under the Florida child support law, both parents need to contribute to the support of their children.

Your children have a right to financial support for their schooling, medical bills, food, clothing, shelter and many others.

Is the other parent helping to meet these obligations?

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Toner Law Office Is Here To Help

Establishing child support ensures that the other parent is legally obligated to provide for their children.

If you're in need of a child support lawyer, Gena Toner is the expert to help you.

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Move Forward With Life

After the child support process has been finalized, you'll be able to move forward with the best resolution for your children and yourself.

You will feel a sense of relief and your children will receive the support that they need.

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I've used Gena Toner several years ago and recently. She is very professional, compassionate and accommodating. She's definitely here to help those going through custody battles or divorce. Gena will be honest and get you through your case in a timely manner along with supporting you. If you want an understandable and experienced lawyer she is the ONE! Here fees are definitely reasonable!!!!!

- Constance V.

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