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What Is Alimony?

Alimony is a court ordered payment from one spouse to another after the ending of a marriage.

Alimony can be lifetime, provide funds to go back to school, or give short term help bridging the gap from married life to single life.

If you have found yourself relating to any of these situations, keep reading!

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Worried About Alimony?

Depending on how long you were married, you and your spouse's incomes and other factors, you may be concerned about paying or receiving alimony.

Alimony is not a punishment, it is done to preserve someone's standard of living.

You may be concerned about paying alimony, or you may be worried about how you'll get by if you lose your spouse's income.

Alimony exists in more than one form and your case is unique. As to whether alimony is appropriate, in what type, and how much, Gena Toner can explain the law to you.

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Toner Law Office Is Here To Help

Each case is different!

Schedule a consultation to find out how the state of Florida laws apply to your particular case.

You need solid answers from an experienced Florida alimony lawyer to help you stop worrying.

You don't know what to believe and where to turn, you need to hear the truth!

Gena Toner is here to answer your tough questions and help get you moving forward in life.

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Rest Easy Knowing You Now Have Answers

If you are potentially paying alimony, we will discuss how to protect your income now and in the future.

If you are potentially receiving alimony, find out how much you can expect and what may influence the judge to determine whether it should be awarded and what amount is appropriate.

Call (352) 592-1500 to schedule your consultation and get your alimony questions answered.

Client Testimonials

I hired Gena to take over my case after I had several months of a money hungry lazy attorney representing me for 8 months. Gena and her assistant, Krystal were absolutely fabulous from day one of taking over my divorce case. I am so very thankful that I hired Gena because she worked very hard to get what I wanted (and deserved) out of my marriage. She and Krystal both have great communication skills and kept me well informed on everything that was going on in my case. Her fees were about average but worth EVERY penny. On more than one occasion her years of experience worked in my favor. If you want a fair, honest, compassionate lawyer who will keep you informed as to what's going on in your case you won't go wrong by hiring Gena Toner.

- Tamela H.

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