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You may have heard of mediation and wondered if it would be a way to settle your (or your loved one’s) divorce case. The answer is YES! Mediation is a great tool to save you money on attorney fees and come to an agreement that you are satisfied with. At mediation, you can have your concerns heard and explore the best way to get a final agreement that you have had a part in crafting. Once you have that full agreement done, the judge can proceed to sign your Final Judgment of Divorce, and then you are free to live your life!

At mediation, I work with my clients to examine ways to achieve a positive outcome. Most divorce cases can come to a settlement agreement, allowing you to avoid the cost and stress of going to trial. The best new thing in mediation is Zoom. If you are my client going through mediation, we sit together in my office and participate by Zoom, so you don’t have to run into your soon-to-be-ex! If you (or your loved one) want to find out what to expect from the divorce process, contact my office for a consultation appointment, and I’ll meet with you to explain it all.