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Toner Law Office, P.A. is dedicated to ensuring seamless and accessible use of our services for all individuals, including those with disabilities. We have taken, and continue to take, reasonable steps to ensure that our website and other resources are accessible to everyone, regardless of their technological or physical capabilities.

We believe that everyone deserves equal access to legal representation, and we are committed to making our services and website as accessible as possible. Our efforts to improve accessibility are ongoing, as we recognize that technology and accessibility standards are constantly evolving.

Despite our commitment, we understand that certain content or features on our website may not yet meet the strictest accessibility standards. This can occur due to limitations in available technology or unforeseen technical challenges. If you encounter any accessibility issues while using our website, we encourage you to contact us immediately. We value your feedback and will work diligently to address any barriers to accessibility.

Our goal is to ensure that no individual is denied access to our services due to accessibility issues. If you need assistance or have questions about our accessibility efforts, please contact us at [Contact Information]. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to improve our accessibility and ensure that our services are available to everyone.